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10 reasons why owls make terrible pets

Thinking of keeping an owl as a pet? We say, absolutely not!

Here are 10 reasons why these birds make the most horrible pets ever. 

Needs supervision by an experienced trainer

An owl raised by a specialized trainer will not accept others with ease. And if you’re the trainer, you can forget about taking a vacation unless you find another trainer your pet finds acceptable. Airlines won’t let you travel with your owl and your bird, not accustomed to long distance travel will be stressed out anyway. So you can pretty much cross out travel from your plans now or in the future. 

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A destructive bird by nature

Being predatory by nature, your owl will literally tear through any inanimate object in its sight not to mention that it will drop to the floor any object it feels does not belong to its natural high altitude habitat. Now, don’t ask us why? Ask your owl and most probably it will fly to the nearest object it does not like and knock it down.

Will keep you busy at night

These nocturnal birds will hoot and mate loudly during night and late evening hours especially during the mating season. And if you’re a trainer your owl will expect you to hoot along otherwise it will get very cranky. Ready to get yelled at by your neighbors or lose night after night of sleep? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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No Petting, no cuddling

Cuddle it and it will get aggressive. Save your fingers. For it will bite. Don’t pet or cuddle. This bird does not understand love. It’s a predator.

Strict caring rules

Apart from feeding and cleaning it every day at predetermined times, you will also have to fly it compulsorily everyday because for these birds flying is mandatory. Even the cage has to be big enough so it can fly.

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Long term commitment

Owls live from 10 to 30 years? Are you ready to commit long term? That long?

Constant danger

Their razor sharp beaks and pointed talons can do more damage than expected. You will have to keep bandages and stitches ready nearby. Not worth the trouble. Are they?

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Specialized vet care

If your pet gets sick, chances are your vet won’t know much about the disease and most vets would be too scared to handle this deadly bird and you will have to do all the research and care for your bird all on your own.

Lots of littering

Owls love emptying their ceca everyday. That means you’ll have poop, pellets, and feathers all around the house. The birds even regurgitate them as their favorite pastime. So you might want to reconsider this business of keeping a pet owl. 

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A Carnivorous diet

Owls won’t eat owl food. There isn’t any such thing in the local store anyway. Instead they love chomping rodents such as mice, gophers, rabbits but you’ll have to remove certain body parts before you can feed this to your bird. Difficult. Right? One more thing. After feeding is over, you will have to remove the leftovers. Otherwise, your bird will store them all over the house to eat again later even if the meat is rotting and smelling. Hardly an acceptable choice, we think.

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