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Free Shipping on All Orders – 48 Hours Only [limited-time]

Thinking of a makeover for your patio?

Here are 6 low-cost ways to give your patio a fresh new look.

Add some color

  • Mix and match different shades or try delicate pastels and pinks to add energy or elegance to your patio. Either way, it will be a win-win. However, beware that your patio doesn’t look like a rainbow but we trust your judgment on that.

Think Wood

If you love plants, and your patio has a lot of them, then wood is the way to go. Looks, classy, vintage, and timeless, doesn’t it? Again, you’ll be the best judge of which look suits your patio better. But if you’re tilting the scales towards wood, then we suggest you add some chairs in rustic, country, French, mid-century, Balinese or classic styles to effortlessly blend in with the settings. Do note that you will need chair covers to protect the chairs; especially during fall and winter.

Beautify the fence

  • Give your fence a nice new makeover by hanging plants in painted cans, or you could always place runners up a patterned trellis. Paint your fence with a single color layering it up with artificial grass or create a fresco look. See what a difference that makes. 

Give your furniture a makeover

Add varnish to the wood or paint the plastic. Add some pretty looking cushions, and there you go. Your guests will love the furniture as well. You could go the extra mile to add some backrest pillows with arms for extra comfort.

Hang some bistro lights

  • Soft bistro lights can add an extra layer of coziness to your patio. Not only are they inexpensive but these lights are also easy on the eyes.

Hang curtains

Finally add a touch of elegance by hanging curtains that match the overall look and ambience of your patio. Together with everything else, they can turn your patio into your very special nook.

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