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10 reasons for thinking positive 

Thinking positively has big benefits. 

Bert and John Jacobs have centered their business around optimism. In their book, “Life is Good: The Book,” they wrote: “Optimists can view rejection as an opportunity to adjust and improve, embracing the chance to learn, grow, and try again.”

Here are 10 good reasons why you should remain an optimist forever: 

Optimism can help you change your life:

You can only change your life when you believe you can. This philosophy is inherent in optimism. In Albert Bandura's words, “Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s ability to influence events that affect one’s life and control over the way these events are experienced.” To achieve, you must first believe and then act on your belief positively. 

Optimism builds immunity:

Optimism fights stress and helps the body develop immunity to keep sickness away. Research has revealed that optimistic people generated more antibodies and were thus better equipped to reduce inflammation. 

Optimism is good for a relationship:

A study has revealed that having at least one optimist in a relationship often results in a more fulfilling and long-lasting partnership. That is because optimists view their relationships as more satisfactory and their partners as more supportive. 

Optimism can help you become a successful innovator:

According to research, optimists welcome change instead of resisting it even if that means leaving their comfort zones. Moreover, optimists are big-picture thinkers, who are less influenced by the recency effect, choosing instead to look into the future, see a bright outcome and keep working towards it.

Optimism can turn you into a better leader:

In Winston Churchill' s words, “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.” A positive mindset can help you fight challenges. Optimists make good leaders because they have the ability to visualize and actualize a better future rallying others around them to do the same. 

Optimism is good for your heart:

Optimists are better able to fight inflammation and practise better habits like less drinking and smoking, which in the long run works favorably to ensure better heart health. 

Optimism can help you age well:

As age sets in, having a positive attitude can help us to enjoy life more fully. Harvard researchers have found that optimists within a group of research subjects turned out to be more free of major chronic disease, avoided major memory impairment, were more mobile and better able to take care of themselves than the most pessimistic group. On a probability matrix, the optimists also scored higher on living longer. 

Optimism can help you on the job hunt:

The secret of succeeding in your career can come from believing that you can. One study has revealed that while optimists don’t necessarily earn more money than their less optimistic peers, their post-graduate job hunts were less intense, and most of them were more likely to have been promoted just two years after graduation.

Optimism can help you form healthier habits:

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle often requires positive thinking. One study revealed that optimistic people were 15% more likely to maintain a routine of vigorous physical exercise over a six-year span than their pessimistic peers. Another study showed that optimistic research subjects were more disciplined with following a prescribed low-fat eating plan as compared to those who were pessimistic. 

Optimism is contagious:

A happy optimist draws other people to him or her. This is "emotional contagion" as termed by research. Individual outlook can influence a group. That is the power of positive thinking.

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