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Watch out for these signs

Mental exhaustion is tiredness but of the mind instead of the body. It can occur once you focus on a mentally tough task for some time at a stretch. This kind of exhaustion can also set in if you’re always stressed out or extra vigilant about minute details of your life. Important responsibilities such as your career, parenting or looking after old parents or a sick family member can also create mental exhaustion. 

The following signs indicate that you have mental exhaustion:

Irritable mood

Your mood remains bad and you snap at people more often, unable to control your emotions because you’re mentally drained out.

Unhealthy habits

Mental exhaustion may lead some people to turn to alcohol or use drugs in an attempt to control the stress and anxiety they are feeling. 

Worry & panic

Mental exhaustion can trigger your sympathetic nervous system sending you into “fight or flight mode”. You will then feel more anxiety, panic and worry all the time.

More mistakes

As humans, we are hardly perfect but mental exhaustion can lessen your ability to spot and correct the mistakes you make, which in turn can prove to be serious and even fatal in certain jobs such as using machines, driving or flying an airplane. 

Low productivity

Productivity can go up or down but if you’re mentally exhausted you’ll find it increasingly harder to concentrate. Your motivation levels will remain low. You will also be distracted easily, missing deadlines and even small tasks will become too much for you.


Mental exhaustion may also trigger depression evident in signs like decreased daily activity, a sense of numbness in your perception of the outside world, having a “down in the dumps” feeling or a sense of hopelessness.

Low physical stamina

With more mental fatigue, your tolerance for exercise and other physical activity will usually go down so it might appear to you that you’re giving more effort than is actually the case. 

More pain

Mental fatigue will also often cause more pain in different parts of your body such as headaches, sore muscles, back pain and also create more stomach problems. If you have fibromyalgia, you may suffer even more.

Zoning out

A wandering mind, frequent drowsiness, lack of concentration, a slow reaction to situations are all indications that you are zoning out, which may be dangerous in certain situations such as driving. Accidents can happen when your mind is zoning out because of the severity of your mental exhaustion.


A tired brain doesn’t necessarily mean better sleep. A job with a high cognitive workload may actually make it more difficult for you to fall asleep. It is really a vicious circle because mentally exhausting work can make mental fatigue worse.

Appetite changes

Severe mental exhaustion can impact your appetite in that you will either not feel like eating at all or snack more than usual. You may also start craving sugary, salty, or fatty foods.

Lack of sleep can aggravate mental exhaustion. 

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