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10 Home Decor Ideas for a beautiful home

April 29,2020


Everyone wants a beautiful home. Don’t you? Sure you do. But just wishing your home would look more beautiful won’t do. You’ve got to act on your wish. So why not act now? Here are 10 decor ideas for a strikingly beautiful home:

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  • 01

    Reupholster: Give a fresh new look to an entire space just by reupholstering the furniture. That angular mirror you’ve been eyeing at the corner shop, vivid rust colored art, a marble fireplace, an earthy stool, and some geometric pottery can be complemented or contrasted by the softness of blush pink chairs or subtler pastel shaded sofas. 

  • 02

    Canopy: Want your bedroom to look royal and classy? Add a canopy to your bed. A white gauze fabric hanging gracefully from your bed will lend a timeless look to your bedroom especially if it is minimalist in design. 

  • 03

    Accent Wallpaper: So what if you can’t afford to bear the cost of wallpaper for an entire room? Pick a wall and accent that. See what a difference it makes. 

  • 04

    Layering: Add an extra layer to your floor by layering your rugs. Layering rugs of varying colors, prints, and textures can add a whole new dimension of visual interest to your floor.

  • 05

    Art: Art never hurts. Make a simple wall look stunning by hanging an oversized artwork. Make a statement through an abstract design, or a vibrant impressionist painting or just a large-sized photograph. 

  • 06

    Lighting: Lights can make or break a room. Think the elegant chandelier or a brass pendant light slipped in quietly within the rustic decor of your room or that avant garde table lamp that accents a particular corner.

  • 07

    Floor Coloring: The color of the floor can add some visual interest as well. Imagine a bright blue floor and your sparkly white bathtub right in the middle of it. Won’t you want to soak there all day long?

  • 08

    Flowers: There’s no denying the everlasting appeal of flowers; a modern or vintage vase, your favorite bouquet of flowers complimented by a similar or a contrasting colored wall adds both fragrance and finesse.

  • 09

    Textiles: Want your room to reflect a personality of their own? Printed, colorful textiles can add character and individuality. Think a Persian rug or a bedsheet with Morocco inspired motifs. You get the idea. Right? Textiles anchor the space filling it in with a special look and appeal.

  • 10

    Antiques: As the name tells you, antiques are timeless and masterpieces in themselves; a copper tub, the 100-year old figurine you bought from the flea market, the generation old grandfather’s clock - they speak for themselves vouching for your taste and elegance. 

Ready to experiment about the new decor that can enhance your room? Go ahead.  

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