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Bad friends will lower your self-esteem leaving you feeling lonely and isolated. This negativity can increase your stress and affect other relationships in different areas of your life.

Know the warning signs that set apart a bad “friend” from a good one: 


Whereas a good friend will say things to your face, a bad one will criticize you behind your back, making it more and more difficult for you to trust him or her.


Whereas a good friend might ask you to engage in socially unacceptable or dangerous behavior once or twice, it will not be a regular affair and they will accept it if you refuse to listen to them. A bad friend, on the other hand, will keep on insisting that you give in to their wishes and belittle you when you say no, or stake your friendship on it. 

Unfair Advantage

Bad friends will often manipulate you by hanging around with you only when they need something from you. Constant borrowing, regularly asking for money or only wanting to be seen together in public and not in private are all red flags.

Betraying Secrets

A bad friend will spill your secrets to everyone else causing embarrassment or harm to you. A good friend will never do that intentionally. 


Good friends will accept you the way you are. Bad ones, on the other hand, will have everything negative to say about your clothes and hairstyle or your personality or your social media handles. The goal is to make you feel small so you lose your self-confidence.

Bad Advice

When in doubt, never consult a bad friend for all he or she will deliberately give you is bad advice. Good friends will guide and help; a bad friend will do just the opposite luring you away from the path of truth. 

Frequent Lying

Bad friends will keep lying to you everyday and you won’t even know, until someone else tells you. That’s because your bad friend is selfish by nature and is least bothered about how much his or her lies will hurt you and your friendship.

An ever-changing friendship status

Bad friends will be very friendly with you one day and be as cold as a cucumber the very next. They don’t care about your feelings and will frequently change their friendship status; a big red flag you should be wary about.

No forgiveness

There are misunderstandings and quarrels between friends and good friends will forget and forgive. Not so with your bad friend, who will hold a grudge for weeks, even months. It doesn’t matter that you’ve apologized; their feelings always take priority over yours. 

Fair weather friendship

Bad friends will surround you in your good times but will disappear when you need them the most. You just failed an exam, or your pet died, or your girlfriend left you; don’t expect to cry on the shoulder of your bad friend, who is probably happy that you’re passing through such a bad time; very unlike your good friend, who will be there to listen to you and extend a helping hand, when needed.

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