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5 things that can 

cause blindness

You agree that your eyes are your window to the world? The world is beautiful as your eyes show you everyday. Your eyes are precious but prone to disease and damage too; sometimes irreparable damage like blindness. Staying away from the TV or eating carrots won’t help much either. 

Here are 5 factors you need to be careful about because they can cause potential loss of eyesight:


Smoking is harmful for your eyes. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that can constrict blood vessels in the eyes limiting blood flow and oxygen to your eyes. The smoke also damages the cells in the eye and over time the damage is irreversible. This can potentially lead to macular degeneration causing vision loss. Smokers are also more prone to developing cataracts than non smokers.

Early Menopause

The hormonal shifts brought about by early menopause can trigger vision problems. Women experiencing menopause are prone to getting glaucoma, an eye disease that damages the optic nerve causing blindness. For women with early menopause before the age of 45, the risk is more and necessitates regular visits to the doctor. 


Watching sunsets continuously for a long time can be harmful. Sun rays can cause damage to the cornea and cause temporary blindness. And while for some people, the retina can heal on its own, for others it might not. Wearing protective glasses when looking at the sun is advised. 


Blood pressure medicines, antidepressants, antibiotics as well as hormone replacement therapy medications can cause damage to the eyes. Deposits can form on the retina, and in some cases blindness can occur. If you are on a particular type of medication for a prolonged period of time your risk is higher and you will need regular evaluation from a doctor. 

Contact Lenses

Not cleaning your contact lenses properly can cause an excruciatingly painful infection that can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Sleeping in your contacts isn’t the better option either. Wearing contacts while sleeping can result in oxygen deprivation to your eyes which may prevent the cornea from working properly eventually leading to blindness.

The Dimmable Desk Lamp

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