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5 decoration ideas for your wall

Thinking of decorating your house? Not inclined to paint afresh? In fact, we recommend that you don’t.
Because a wall can be a blank canvas - waiting for your imagination to work wonders on it.
Here are a few wall decoration ideas to give your wall the makeover you’ve been thinking about: If you’re going for a Bohemian vibe, hanging a beautiful piece of tapestry will add that color and texture.
Choose a textile of your choice or the wall hanging you’ve fancied at the market, and you’re good to go.
If you have a small spaced home, you might try hanging a mirror on the wall. Whether a large vintage or salon style small pieces, mirrors reflect light and do a great job of brightening the room. 

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How about painting a mural either yourself, if you have the skill or getting a commissioned artist to finish it? Abstract, natural, or avant garde, a mural surely creates an impression. Murals add depth and texture making them great for your bedroom and study. 
But then again, if you want a natural and organic feel to your wall, your plants don’t have to sit outside. They can find their way to little stands fixed to the wall. You’d have a lovelier, greener space to feel good about. 
Also, you might want to try creating an accent wall by painting it with a bright color; or illustrate a pattern with some stenciling, wallpaper or bold and unique Memphis designs. This kind of decor creates a special nook, where you can play with the creative side of your personality. 
Are you a lover of art? Then you could hang an oversized painting either in vibrant hues or a minimalistic black and white and see the difference it makes to your wall. Or hang many miniature photographs so your wall looks like a gallery; for your guests to admire. 
If you like wicker baskets, they might interest and beautify the wall. Sculptural sconces like lamps, chandeliers lend a touch of elegance and sophistication. Minimalist, sleek, tasteful, classic, brass, metallic, futuristic - the entire facade of the wall can change. Do your own creative take. 

The Bonsai LED lamp is another stunning decor piece that creates a magical and cozy ambience.

 It is beautifully crafted in Bonsai design to attract harmony, peace, and positive energy. It can be powered by batteries or a USB cord and serves as a wonderful gift for friends and family.

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