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Feng Shui Tips to add prosperity to your home

The ancient art of Feng Shui that originated over 3000 years ago involves the interaction of humans with elements in their environment. When translated, “Feng” means wind, and “Sui” means water; elements that are harbingers of good fortune in Chinese culture and tradition. Through Feng Shui, humans can influence the positive energies of these elements to affect life changing improvements in their homes. This can be achieved by positioning and designing our surroundings in a way that balances the energies of our natural environments to bring about comfort, neutrality and harmony into our homes.

Here are some Feng Shui Tips to help you welcome prosperity into your life: 


Declutter your home by removing all of the excess junk that is littering your home. The far left corner that faces the entrance needs to be especially looked into.


Switch to a natural earth-friendly lifestyle by replacing chemical cleaning agents with natural cleansers such as lemons, baking soda and vinegar. You’ll attract positive energy by restricting the amount of toxins into your house. 

Window Cleaning

Windows open up to the world. So, when you clean them every day, every cleaning can be your fresh perspective to approach the outside world in fresh new ways every new day.


Plants are a symbol of bountiful nature. But that’s not all. They do the super important job of detoxifying the air inside your rooms. Further, a jade or a money plant can also attract a whole lot of abundance and prosperity in your life.

Kitchen Use

From ancient times, kitchens have always been a symbol of prosperity. Take extra care of your kitchen with daily gratitude, polishing it spic and span, to attact all that wealth and abundance into your life. 


Be it your money or your time, make sure to give more to your neighbors because in Feng Shui philosophy you get what you give because it is only through being compassionate that you can bring in more prosperity into your life.

Follow these simple Feng Shui principles for a happy and abundantly blessed home. 

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