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Free Shipping on All Orders – 48 Hours Only [limited-time]

Have you ever felt the need to switch off your laptop and get outside? Walk on a carpet of dew dyed grass, feeling the fresh air, listening to the chirping of the birds?

If you haven’t it’s time you did. Because, in our high - tech lives, nature has become more essential than ever before. Nature is cheaper than therapy and can offer you a world of good. 

Know the benefits of being in nature:

Nature stimulates our senses

Nature provides ample sensory inputs for us to feel alive. As a result, we become more perceptive and aware of our immediate surroundings. This improves the functioning of our brains in general. 

Nature enhances our inborn creativity

Nature nurtures our “nature neurons” improving our memory, recuperating us and enhancing our natural creativity. Research has revealed that an hour in nature improves memory performance and attention spans by 20%. Thus, it has been found that workplaces designed with nature in mind have witnessed employees being substantially more productive. 

Nature is a healer

In research conducted in Pennsylvania, it was found that patients in rooms with tree views had shorter periods of hospitalizations than those who didn’t. Being in nature can work wonders for the mind. Nature heals a tired mind and soul by reducing depression and enhancing psychological well-being. Therefore, jogging in the park in the early morning is highly recommended to face the challenges that can overwhelm you during the rest of the day. 

Nature builds community

Animal-human interactions that happen within a natural setting like a jungle or a park can increase the production of those neurochemicals and hormones that are also associated with social bonding. Thus, being in nature can increase the levels of these chemicals aiding the nurturing of close relationships with fellow human beings and the community in general. 

Nature brings people together

People with a common interest in nature often bond together; thus we have a rise in the popularity of nature clubs that are encouraging people to go hiking, gardening or engaging in other outdoor activities in a group. “Green gyms'' are also in vogue now, especially in the UK, where people of all ages can engage in sessions of “green exercise” within a group setting.

The Aurora/Star Light Projector

The Projector recreates a natural setting right in the middle of your bedroom. Feel the magic of the Northern Lights dancing on your ceiling. Jive to your preferred natural rhythm: the sounds of white noise, ocean waves, a summer night, rolling thunder, a gurgling stream, or the pitter-patter of the rain.

The light has a built-in bluetooth as well as a remote, 5 clock choices for the timer and can be connected by means of a cell or tablet. It makes for a perfect all-occasion gifting option as well.

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