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10 easy-to-grow 

vegetables in 

your garden

10 easy-to-grow vegetables in your garden
Who doesn’t like a good salad? Even better, if the vegetables have been grown in your own garden with all your love and care. 
Here are 10 vegetables that you can grow easily in your home garden:
Lettuce is an all-year crop that can be grown directly on your garden beds and also indoors if you want. However, when the weather becomes hot, it should be harvested under the shade and in small sizes. Lettuce comes in a variety of leaf shapes and shades of green and red, which means you can feel the joy of growing new varieties. Moreover, you have the option of cutting leaf lettuces as they keep growing, all the time enjoying several harvests from the same plant just by snipping off what you need each time.
If you would like the full heads of romaine and head lettuce to develop, thin them. Also keep a distance of 8 to 10 inches between plants and when you see the thin young plants appearing, save the delicate small leaves for salads and feel the refreshing taste of the young green leaves in your healthy plate of salad.  

Green Beans
Beans grow and thrive in warm, moist soil and will even survive in fairly poor soils because they fix the nitrogen as they grow. Pole varieties will require trellising. Cool areas are better for snap beans whereas hot areas offer the right climate for lima beans, southern beans and asparagus beans.
Peas can be eaten anytime, anywhere. The trick is to plant peas 2 weeks before the average last spring frost for your region, if possible. To harvest a continuous supply during the summer months, simultaneously sow varieties that have different maturity dates. Thereafter, sow more seeds about 2 weeks later. Continue this pattern right upto mid-June.
Radishes can be harvested just 24 days after planting them in spring after working the soil. You can also inter-plant them with slower-growing vegetables. You can plant radishes as soon as you can work the soil in the spring. The seeds need to be planted 2 inches apart or more and covered with about half an inch of compost or soil. If inter-planted with carrots, the quick-to-sprout radishes will push up through the soil first, making way for the carrots that will sprout later so that as you harvest the radishes, the empty rows will be filled by the later sprouting carrots.
Delicious and easy to grow in loose, sandy soil during the cooler periods of spring and fall, carrots can tolerate frost. There are several color varieties: orange, purple and white. Some varieties are even resistant to diseases and pests. Seedlings need to be thinned properly so the carrots can form properly.
Cucumbers need a soil that is high in nitrogen and potassium to support the plant’s large yields. Cucumbers grow better in the sun and next to a fence which can act as a shelter and provide support for climbing. 
Kale is high on nutritional value and can survive a wide spectrum of temperatures. The buds and flowers are also edible. Plant it anytime between early spring to early summer and again in the fall. Enjoy baked, stir-fried or steamed, or in salads, smoothies and omelets. 
Swiss Chard
A member of the beet family, Swiss Chard is rich in vitamins A, C, and K as well as minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber and looks colorful on the plate too.
There is delight in eating garden-fresh beets, boiled or roasted until tender. The seedlings need thinning and the capsules have to be planted about an inch deep and 4 inches apart.
Summer Squash & Zucchini
They grow well in well-composted soil and need plenty of space. Do not water the leaves to avoid powdery mildew. 

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