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10 advantages of using LED Lighting

The latest development in the lighting industry, LED lighting has a number of benefits. LED or a light emitting diode is a semiconductor device that generates light through a process of electroluminescence, where light is emitted when an electric current is passed through any semiconductor material. 

LED lighting is one of the boons of modern science. Let’s explore the many benefits that LED lighting offers: 

Longer lifespan:

Whereas the average incandescent bulb will last about a 1000 hours, an average LED light will last 50, 000 hours and depending on usage, its lifespan may extend as long as 100, 000 hours. So an LED bulb may last from 6 t0 12 years before it needs replacement making it last 40 times longer lasting than an incandescent bulb, which means you get more savings both in terms of replacement and maintenance costs. 

Energy Efficiency:

LED lights are energy-efficient in that they produce less waste light and more useful lumens, which describes the amount of light that is emitted for each unit of power. As a result, as seen in most situations, there is a 60% to 70% improvement in overall energy efficiency leading again to increased financial savings that makes LED lighting a smart investment.

Improved Environmental Performance:

LED lighting is an eco-friendly energy resource unlike traditional lighting sources such as fluorescent lighting and mercury vapor lights that use mercury internally as part of their construction. So, when you opt for LED lighting, you automatically do your bit to preserve the environment.

Conducive to Cold Conditions:

Whereas fluorescent lamps will require a higher voltage to start in cold conditions and the intensity of their light will diminish, no such thing will happen with an LED, which will, in fact, perform better in cold temperatures by about 5%, making it a perfect lighting choice for parking lots, for illuminating the perimeters of buildings and as lights used in outdoor signage.

No Heat or UV Emissions:

Incandescent bulbs will convert more than 90% of the energy they use to heat, allocating only 10% of energy to actual light production compared to an LED, which will emit very little heat and produce light that will mostly be within the visible spectrum, which is why doctors will often use LED lighting to treat people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. This feature also makes LEDs ideal for illuminating works of art that will degrade or break down with prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Design Flexibility:

Being very small, LED lights can be used almost in any application. Remember the string of LED lights in a Christmas decoration? Don’t they look nice? This feature also makes them versatile enough to be used anywhere from a small shop to a big stadium.

Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching:

LED lights don’t have a warm up period and can switch on and off instantly. This frequent switching also does not affect their lifespan in any way making them long-lasting and therefore cost-saving.

Low Voltage Operation:

LED lights operate on very low voltage making them ideal for areas prone to flooding thereby presenting minimum risk for harmful or fatal shocks. 

Dimming Capabilities:

Whereas metal halide will not perform well when dimmed, LED lights will perform perfectly at any power percentage from about 5% to 100%. Surprisingly, the LED light will perform more efficiently when less-than-full power is used, in the process increasing the lifespan of the bulb and also reducing the energy bill.


Conventional lighting sources will emit light at 360° and are therefore not suitable for illuminating a specific area. An LED, on the other hand, will only light up an area of 180° making them ideal for recessed lighting in spaces like the kitchen, hallway or bathroom.

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