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On a warm summer night

Let’s all agree that we love roses, right? We love the fragrance and the colors, and its everlasting beauty; which is why rose plants are the most bought and the most gifted among other plants.

But once you buy it or give it to a friend, it will need care. For a rose plant to bloom and fill your garden with sweet fragrance it will need to be properly cared for. Here are some tips for how to care for your favorite rose plant:

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    Your rose plant will need sunlight for at 6 hours a day including those plants that fare well with more shade; even those will need to be placed in direct sunlight for 4-6 hours in a day.

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    Rose plants need to be grown in soil that has good water drainage. Accumulation of water needs to be prevented; at the same time it is important the soil retains some moisture. When planting the bush, make sure to choose a suitable substrate or prepare adequate drainage for the pot where the plant will be placed.

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    You must also cut off old and withered roses to allow room for new roses to grow. Remove a rose as soon as you see it has withered and dried.

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    For a rose to be healthy and bloom to its full size, it is essential to prune. You should start pruning in winter when the plant is dormant and complete the entire process by February or March. It is advisable to prune with sharp scissors ensuring the cuts are made in a biased way inward to prevent the build-up of water. You must also avoid cutting nodes because that may hinder proper growth.

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    Rose plants are most affected by pests like Aphids and beetles. So getting the right pesticide from a specialized shop would be the wiser thing to do.

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