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5 most beautiful hill stations to put on your travel list

Do you love gazing up at a bejeweled sky from a quaint little hilltop far above the sea level? Do you fancy exploring hidden trails that go deep into the forests that adorn the mountain side? Do you love waterfalls that come plunging down from high above? Then a hill station is your preferred place to be.

Here a 5 most beautiful destinations you can put on your current holiday list:

Cypress Hills, Canada

An isolated but exceedingly beautiful range in southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada, extending for 100 miles (160 km), this place comes alive in summer with its great wild outdoors that are just perfect for an adventure trip. The park has a range of facilities to keep you occupied: Accommodation and Dining, Equestria, Fishing/Game, Hiking, Summer & Winter Activities, Tours and Programs, as well as Water Activities. Anytime is a good time to go, depending on your interests and delights.

The Great Smoky Mountains, USA

This hill station in North Carolina sits pretty at an altitude of 2025 m and has earned a reputation for being good for white water rafting. You will often find the reserve forest-covered under a thick fog but sunny days abound as well when nature remains at her resplendent best.

Srinagar, India

Known as the Venice of Kashmir, this hill station lies on the banks of the Jhelum river in the Indian state of Kashmir. Popular with lovers, it presents stunning views of the Himalayas, which provide a gorgeous backdrop to the equally beautiful Dal lake, where you can hire a boat and float away into your own little world of romance. This is bliss of a different kind.

Zermatt, Switzerland

This small hilly landscape lies at the foothills of Switzerland’s highest peaks at an elevation of 1608 m and stuns tourists with its pristine fields of rolling green, bright blossom bedecked valleys, and stylish little ski resorts. The weather is excellent, which adds to its popularity as a tourist’s paradise. A must-do destination by all means. 

Thredbo, Australia

Thredbo is located at an elevation of 2037m in New South Wales, Australia and remains popular for its long and snow covered ski runs. There are a plethora of snow games for tourists to enjoy. For those who want something different there is also trekking, cycling and rock climbing. 

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