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Trees are lifesavers in that they give us the oxygen that we need to live.

Yet, millions of trees are being cut down every day resulting in large-scale destruction of the environment. The pressure of urbanization, rising birth rates, and our desire for rapid development push us slowly towards doomsday as we participate in the willful destruction of our earth’s green cover.

It is important to know about the ill-effects of deforestation: 

Floods & droughts

With deforestation, the water holding capacity of the soil decreases reducing the infiltration of water into the ground which in turn leads to excessive flooding. The loss of tree cover also disturbs the water cycle by reducing the natural recycling of moisture from the soils, which reduces rainfall leading to droughts and expansion of deserts.

Loss of soil fertility

Deforestation removes nutrients such as phosphates from the soil making it infertile. Therefore, the absence of trees can also cause erosion of the loose soil which leads to the soil becoming more infertile. 

Air Pollution

Cutting down trees means that less oxygen is produced by the trees. On the other hand, trees remove carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis and store that carbon in their tissues and in the soil. So a depleted tree cover means this carbon dioxide is no longer absorbed by trees and thus stays in the air causing harm to humans.

Global Warming

Since a tree canopy provides shade for the ground and trees absorb sunlight for photosynthesis, trees cool the earth. Deforestation therefore increases global warming by increasing the amount of Co2 in the air also causing atmospheric temperatures to rise drastically.

Disappearance of wildlife

Trees provide habitats for animals. So each time a tree cover is taken down, lots of animals lose their homes. Many animals have already disappeared and some are on the verge of extinction.

So, what will you be doing to stop deforestation today?

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