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Six benefits of playing indoor games

An indoor game is any game that can be played at home and does not need an outdoor space to be conducted. Often sidelined for an outdoor game, playing an indoor game can be equally beneficial. Some of these benefits are detailed below:

Stress Busting

Our daily grind can give rise to a lot of stress, boredom and anxiety and as such a game of carrom, or snakes and ladders, or a rubik cube or a puzzle played with family and friends can take away the monotony replacing it with fun and joy. So, it’s always a good idea to spend a Sunday afternoon playing your favorite indoor game.

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Family Time

Let’s face it. In this busy day and age, we hardly have any time for our family, Right? We hardly visit our grandparents or make the time for a family get-together. In such a situation, an Indoor game can give us the opportunity to reconnect with our family members by spending quality time over a game of say carrom, or darts, or even a puzzle or a session of scrabble.

Skill Nurturing

Indoor games especially puzzles and board games are highly focus driven and thus help to develop our cognitive skills. Others like carrom, and table tennis or indoor cricket can help us improve our social skills and communication. 

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Increased Productivity

Research has correlated our performance with our mental well-being. As indoor games take away our stress and give us joy, they are crucial to improving our mental state and increasing our productivity, helping us to get better at our jobs.

Increased Creativity

Indoor games like board games also foster a lot of creativity especially among kids and adolescents. A game like scrabble helps build vocabulary whereas a puzzle can tax the human brain further. Board games can and do nurture imagination and thinking, helping us to develop the creative side of our personalities, and hence should always be played along with outdoor games.

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One big advantage of indoor games is that they can be played anytime anywhere; on a rainy or a sunny day, in the morning or in the evening, in the room or on the patio and prove to be a source of entertainment that is not dependent on the weather. In that way, they score big over outdoor games. 

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