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5 interesting decor ideas for your bedroom

Sleep is important to us, is it not? After all, we sleep 8 hours every night feeling recharged and refreshed to face the following morning. Almost 1/3rd of our lives are spent in rest and sleep or at least trying to sleep; all the more reason why our bedroom should be a stylish place to fall asleep in.

Here are 5 decor ideas to give your bedroom that awesome makeover: 

Create a DIY headboard

Doing it yourself means getting creative, and if you’re falling short of ideas, there are a plethora of art & craft sites on the internet for you to fall back on. Other ideas that we suggest are painting the lower half of the wall above your bed to turn it into a low cost headboard, hanging a textured wall hanging or a textile, painting the headboard itself or building yourself a wooden headboard with shelving for functional style. Just do it. Get creative with your headboard and see what a difference that makes.

Decorate your bed

The bed is the center of attraction of your bedroom so it is time to turn it into a statement piece. Add some layering and don’t forget the cushions. Enhance the comfort, at the same time lending it some hotel-like chic. It will of course take some additional time to make but so what? Every dollar you spend will be worth it as you will get to sleep in the most elegant looking bed ever. 

Go green

Green is soothing on the eyes and a mood boosting color. Indoor plants not only beautify your space but also remove CO2 and toxins from the air. Put them on the windowsill, your bedside table or just create a shelf of cascading plants above your bed; either way your bedroom gets a colorful and lovely makeover. 

Think monochrome

The absence of color can make as much impression as its presence. Lend your bedroom an instant glam factor by blending whites and lights with touches of black. For instance, you could take a geometric wallpaper and then pair it with crisp and white bed linen. Pops of color added here and there with a plant or some cushions will also look unique and different.

Embellish your wall

Wallpapers come in a variety of themes, styles and colors to enhance the decor of any space in general. So, why not create a feature wall by covering a designated wall with a statement wallpaper? The more the drama, the better it will be. 

The Bonsai Spirit Tree 

Warm white fairy lights table lamp can also add charm and beauty to your bedroom. The lamp is artfully crafted in the image of a delicate Bonsai tree and covered in marvelous warm lights. It lends a dreamy glow to your home and is perfect for room decor as well as photography doubling up as an all-occasion gift option, your friends and family will love.

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