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5 visit-worthy offbeat places in Northern Norway 

Don’t like going where others are headed? Want some quality time with family or friends but in a lesser-known but equally beautiful destination? 

Northern Norway awaits you to explore its virgin beauties. 

Here is a must-do list: 

Senja island

Often called the fairyland, this island is a traveler’s haven with steep mountains, beautiful fjords, wildlife, and a fascinating history replete with fables and folklore. The island is also big in space as it is the second-largest island in Norway and covers 580 sq. miles giving travelers lots of unknown territories to explore.

Andøya island, Vesterålen

A wealth of hiking and biking trails with amazing views, Andøya offers the bonus of a day of sunbathing at one of the pristine white beaches along its coast - certainly not-to-be-missed. 

Blåisvannet lake, Lyngenfjord region

One of the hidden gems of Norway, Blåisvannet lake derives its unusually blue color from the combination of clay and fresh glazier water. The lake lies close to the Finnish border surrounded by a 55-mile-long Arctic mountain range in Lyngsalpene that offers striking contrasts in landscape and other visual attractions at both high and low altitudes.


Often referred to as “Lofoten’s little brother”, this archipelago claims its reputation as the kingdom of whales. Rest assured, you’ll see whales even on short trips and during summer experience the pleasure of seeing mighty sperm whales in the middle of the night because of the midnight sun. In fact, the area can be your perfect getaway with its matrix of white beaches and idyllic farmlands to craggy mountain peaks rising from the sea. 

Sommarøy island

Literally meaning “summer island”, here is where you get to feel the vibes of summer. Be prepared to be surrounded by beaches, crystal clear water and untouched nature. Kayak in the fjord or hike up to the viewpoint overlooking Sommarøy. The island is only an hour’s drive away from Tromsø. Choose either an old fisherman’s cabin or a comfortable Arctic hotel; either way, you’ll be delighted.

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