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9 Feng Shui tips 

for your bedroom

Given that your bedroom is an extension of your personality and symbolizes who you are as a person, it is the most important room in your house. And, properly done Feng Shui in your bedroom can bring about positive changes in your life. Feng shui, is also known as Chinese geomancy, and is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which harmonizes individuals with their surrounding environment directing the flow of the universal Qi or “cosmic current” or energy through places and structures.
Here are some Feng shui tips for your bedroom that will bring you happiness, health and prosperity.
Bed placement
According to Feng shui, the bed must be placed in a commanding position facing the door yet not directly in line with it. Avoid the “coffin position”, where your feet point to the door. If possible, avoid placing your bed under any low beams, soffits, or sloped ceilings.
Headboard placement
The headboard needs to be placed against a solid wall, leaving enough space on the other three sides of the bed. Avoid placing your headboard against a wall that has a toilet on the other side. Headboards represent stability and support in your life especially in romantic relationships and therefore serve their purpose best when they are solid and without any perforations. Fasten your headboard securely to the bed for getting maximum support and strength.
Declutter your bed
Items cluttered under the bed may affect the passive “yin” state and also represent or create subconscious blocks in your life. So clear them away. For example, letters from ex-partners may keep you stuck in your current relationship status. Shoes can give you the feeling of constant movement rather than a period of rest. It is best not to have anything stored under your bed for “Qi” to flow freely all around you while you’re sleeping.
No electronic device
Both from a Feng shui and a practical perspective, electronic devices can disrupt sleep and are therefore best kept outside the bedroom. You can read books instead to keep yourself entertained. 
Two nightstands are better than one and can be placed on each side of the bed to ensure harmony in your relationship with your partner at the same time allowing him/her to have their own space and storage.
Splashes of red can add passion whereas earthy and neutral shades are more relaxing. Blues and greens are for rejuvenation and vitality, whereas pinks and peaches are great for attracting a partnership. Choose accordingly.
Artworks do make a personal statement. Family photos are best placed in other rooms. If you’re single and looking, it might be worth your while to bring artwork that comes in pairs. 
Books & workout gear
These symbolize active energy so a stack of books or your gym gear is best kept in the living room if you’re looking for a restful night’s sleep. 
Natural green plants
Plants bring life energy to a place often inviting in restorative energy and growth in all spheres of your life. Choose a plant that requires easy maintenance and one that will thrive in the natural environment of your room. 

The ultrasonic cool mist humidifier can also be placed in any room. It helps you to read, sleep, relax or meditate by providing cool mist for long hours at a stretch. 


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