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Free Shipping on All Orders – 48 Hours Only [limited-time]

Let’s face it, or rather, coming to terms with it, which is what I did.


Hi, I’m Amanda Smith

and I work as an executive secretary at a law firm.

I have a seven year old son and my husband is an airline pilot, which means I only get to see him in between flights. That means, I have to manage home and office, mostly alone and that is awesomely, badly, mightily stressful.

So you can’t really blame me for my headaches, my muscle cramps, and omg! Am I irritable - unable to sleep most nights, staring blankly at the ceiling, trying to figure solutions to problem after problem, some real, others imaginary. 


You see, anxiety runs in my genes. 

And it began to show of course - my gaunt looking face, the dark circles under my eyes, loss of appetite...some neighbors had even begun to comment that I walked like a zombie.

The truth is, I actually was freaking out; a nervous wreck; unable to cope. Stress can be a killer. I had heard this somewhere, only now I was beginning to realize, I was fast becoming its next victim.

Tracy, my trainer at the gym, was beginning to notice my absences. That Sunday, I had managed to show up. Somewhere, along the way, we had become friends, and she was concerned, even worried.


“Is it your hubby? Are things not going right as they should be?”, she asked.

I laughed, I guess it was a shaky laugh. “No, Tracy, I’m blessed enough to have a loving husband. But…”

“Then what on earth is the matter?”, she asked impatiently.

“Stress. Tracy. Stress is the matter. I worry too much. I have insomnia, and I simply don’t know what to do. 

“You need to see the doc.”
“Ah, I guess I will, eventually.”
On that note, we parted.


6 pm in the evening.

I was lounging on the sofa when I heard the doorbell ring. I was surprised to see Tracy at the door. 

“I was passing by...well not actually, I just came to give you something. Make sure you have it by your bedside tonight”. 

Oh, not another love potion...seriously but I politely nodded my head as I walked her down to her car. 

Curious, I opened the gift wrapped box (Tracy is sweet, you know, and she does care). 

Ah, there lay the moon...what! A moon shaped, I just had to switch it on. 

I carried it to the bedroom, placed it right beside our bedside table and used its remote. 


Instantly...there was magic. 

The room was flooded in soft warm light. There, she was, the moon, descended upon the earth...was this real or was I dreaming?

But it was. The lamp was shaped like the moon, fixed to an elegant black base and emitting warm lights in 3 soft hues. It caught my fancy enough so I kept it on through the night. Hubby liked it too. 

That night, I slept like a much so that my son had to wake me up the next morning. I thought, well, this was one of my lucky nights.  

But the next night, the same thing happened. I slept all through the night only to be woken by the sunlight filtering through the window. Soon, I was sleeping most nights. 


I rushed to the gym to give Tracy the good news.

She told me that one of her other customers had sleeping problems too and had recommended this lamp.

Tracy told me this lamp imitates the light of the moon, gently energizing, relieving anxiety and improving relaxation by prompting the release of melatonin, the chemical that signals to the body that it’s time to sleep. The Mindful Moon lamp deflects lunar energy to act as a momentary interruption to help calm the mind. It thus resets the mind and helps it regain focus. 

Well, now, I am a much happier person thanks to the Mindful Moon lamp. For who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? And, to all those, who have trouble sleeping, I would highly recommend this lamp. 


❤❤❤❤And a heartfelt thank you to my lovely friend Tracy.❤❤❤❤