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It's a sad summer day!

Wondering why you're feeling so sad even when the birds are chirping merrily on a sunny summer day?

You may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); or "reverse SAD" as it is called, a kind of moody blues that happens typically during the winter months but affects some people in summer. The reason for SAD being more common in winter is because the body gets less sunlight in winter it produces less vitamin D; the lack of which is often responsible for depression.

Though uncommon and undiagnosed, summer Seasonal Affective Disorder (reverse SAD) usually affects people, who have been diagnosed with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or clinical depression. Other factors that may be responsible for summer SAD are:

Schedule disruptions

People with seasonal occupations can feel upset with changes in the summer schedule, which may include adjustments that don't sit too well with them.


For some people, summer vacations can cause a lot of anxiety and stress due to worries over spending too much or missing the flight or not liking the company of fellow travellers. 

Psychosocial issues

A sudden divorce or death in the family right in the middle of summer can certainly make things worse for people already suffering from unipolar or bipolar depression.

Daylight patterns:

Sometimes, longer summer hours can mean disturbances in sleep schedules, which can throw people off their mental balance. 

Social events

Summer brings with it, its basket full of social events, where the wine keeps flowing. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to an increase in depression levels.

While going to the psychiatrist is imperative if SAD is interfering with your daily routine, another oft recommended cure in medical circles is Light Therapy, where the patient sits in front of a light box, which emits anything between 2500 to 10,000 lux of natural light depending on how much the patient needs.

Light therapy has benefits that range from reducing depression, boosting energy and mood as well as increasing the production of melatonin in the body, the sleep inducing hormone that helps us rest and relax. 

Light therapy helps the body release Nitric oxide, a vasodilator, that relaxes the inner muscles of our blood vessels. They, in turn, widen to facilitate a better flow of blood. Blood pressure is thereby lowered eventually reducing anxiety and stress.

The range of warm LED lamps at Seniority Store set the mood for peace and calm radiating positive energy and happy vibes. They are ideal for supplemental light therapy at home. 

Mellow Sunset Lamp

The Mellow Sunset Lamp lights up in red, yellow and the rainbow colors of a beautiful sunset imitating nature's color palette so you can retire in the calm vibes of a serene sunset. It can be calming for your pets too. 

Bonsai Spirit Tree

The Bonsai Spirit Tree with Fairy Lights Table Lamp has warm lights that lend a magical glow creating a fairyland like ambience in your room. It is beautifully crafted and can be your perfect bedside ornament. 

Mindful Moon

The Mindful Moon Lamp harnesses the calming qualities of lunar energy drawing on the moon's silvery sheen to reduce stress and anxiety helping you retain your focus and concentration. It comes in three calming hues and is perfect for any living or working space.

Star/Aurora Light Projector

The Star/Aurora Light Projector can design your room, lounge, youngsters' room, and gaming room in stunning colors of the Northern Lights making them dance to the beats of white noise, ocean waves, a summer night, rolling thunder, a gurgling stream, or the pitter patter of rain. Create the ambience you want. Provides relaxation for infants and children as well. 

The Galactic Moon Lamp

The Galactic Moon Lamp uses new 3D printing technology to replicate the natural light of the moon turning your room into a Galactic Wonderland that is wonderfully serene and beautiful. The lamp comes in 16 colors with Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth options and can be a perfect gift for all occasions. 


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